What constitutes off-page SEO?

08 August 2021
Anindya Mutsuddy
What constitutes off-page SEO?

So, we’ve stressed on and on about how link building isn’t all there is to off-page SEO. Now, it’s high time we took a close look at what other activities count as off-page SEO, what are the number of factors that search engines like Google pay close attention to. Let’s get started.

Off-page SEO factors

Do note, we’re not underplaying the importance or the role played by link building in your off-page SEO strategy. No, link building is quite important. We’re merely saying that your off-site SEO stratagem ought to take into account other factors as well. So, what are those factors?


The first thing you ought to check is the relevance of the content of the site you would like to link to. That is, whether or not the content is relevant to what you are putting out on your website. Common sense plays a role here, like you couldn’t go about and link a mechanics website to a site that blogs about beauty products.

Site Traffic

Before linking to a particular website, even if the content is relevant to your particular requirements, it is quite important to note down the amount of traffic the site sees on a day to day basis. After all, you want to direct that traffic towards your site. If the site you’re linking to does not get a whole lot of traffic, the chances of you getting traffic through your link decreases as well. 

Domain Authority

Simple put, domain authority is a measure of the performance of a given site. This metric is particularly important when undertaking off-site activities. Since it’s a measurement of quality, if a backlink leads from a website with a higher domain authority to a site with lower domain authority, the ranking of the site with the lower domain authority improves.

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